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Justin Bieber - Intentions ft. Quavo

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Duration: 06:40

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Date: 07 February 2020

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[Chorus: Justin Bieber]Picture perfect, you don't need no filterGorgeous, make 'em drop dead, you're a killerShower you with all my attentionYeah these are my only intentionsStay in the kitchen cookin' up, got your own breadHeart full of equity you're an assetMake sure that you don't need no mentionsYeah these are my only intentions[Verse 1: Justin Bieber]Shout out to your mom and dad for making youStanding ovation, they did a great job raising youWhen I create you're my museThat kind of smile that makes the newsCan't nobody throw shade on your name in these streetsTriple threat you a boss, you a bae, you a beastYou make it easy to chooseYou got a mean touch, I can't refuse (No I can't refuse it)Repeat Chorus: Justin Bieber[Verse 2: Justin Bieber]Already pass, you don't need no approvalGirl everywhere, don't worry 'bout no refusalSecond, to none, you got the upper hand nowDon't need to smile to know you the brain nowYou're my rock, my ColoradoGot that ring, just like TorontoLove you now, a little more tomorrowThat's how I feel, act like you know that you are-Repeat Chorus: Justin Bieber[Verse 3: Quavo]No cap, no pretendin'You don't need mentions (No cap)Got 'em setting goals, they don't wanna be independent ('Pendent)Tell them to mind your business (Woo), we in our feelingsIt's fifty-fifty percentage (Fifty)Attention we need commitment (Oh)We got it both, admitted (Both)It's funny we both listen (Both)It's a blessing'cause we both get it (Both)You the best thing and I don't need a witness (Best thing)Imma find me a ring and pray it's perfect fitted (Perfect)Repeat Chorus: Justin Bieber[Outro: Justin Bieber]Only intentionsThat's all I plan to doOh, oh, oh

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