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NEFFEX - Best of Me

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Duration: 03:59

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Date: 20 April 2020

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I have a dream
That's all I need
I'll make it happen with some work and belief
Know what I want
So ill take it on
I've made mistakes but mistakes make you strong

Let's break it down for a minute
I want the crown im gon get it
You hear me loud man I'm winning
Yea charley sheen would be grinning
These ladies know that I'm sinning
And this is just the beginning
I'm closing in the 9th inning
There ain't no point in resisting

Livin life 
Like a dream
Live it right
That's the theme 
Every night
Got a team
Mobbing tight
To the scene
Out on stage
Hear em scream
This the dream
And I prayed
As a teen
One day
Itd be me
If I want it
Then I get it
Head down
Don't regret it
Push myself 
To the limit
If I play it
Then I win it
I'm just saying
I'm just living
For today
For a minute
I dont stay
I just visit
Have no shame
I'll admit it yea
They lookin right at me
To see if I succeed
To see if I believe
They looking up to me
They want the best of me now
Best of me now
Best of me now
Best of me

They want the best of me now
Best of me now 
Best of me now
Best of me

And I won't rest in piece now
Rest in peace now
Rest in peace now 
Rest in peace now

They want it now
They want it now
They want it now
They want it now
They want it now
They want it now

Oh damn if they want it now they got it now!

I swear to god man ima make it soon
Silence all the haters as they see us making moves
I do what I want so I got nothing to prove
Stayin motivated teaching others what to do

Im staying focused
My mind is open
They start to notice
That im in motion 
There is no potion
Your not just chosen
It takes devotion
To stay composed man

Never stop never stall
There ain't no time to fall
Try to live get it all
You got one life to ball
Thinking big never small
Cuz you gotta want it all
When you finally get that call
You get ready take it all

I don't need a handout 
I already standout
Startin to advance now
Ready to expand now
You don't have a chance now
Cuz we're in demand now
Make it by the grand now
Feelin in command now

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